About Us


Management Philosophy and Vision of National Engineering Oil Company is a company specialized in producing the high quality of lubricant with the mineral oil and synthetic oil.
With its numerous achievement and the leadership role in the lubricant industry, he company is widely recognized for its quality in all industrial sites. Therefore, the management vision of National Engineering Oil is not in theorder of volume but is the order on quality that responds the need of tomorrow that we will make research and development in all industries where the Lubricant is needed.
Industry that values the environment, technology and customer Energy that is required in all production activities is obtained the only living space of human kind, earth, and the use of such energy is influencing the environment where we live in.
National Engineering Oil will become a pro-environmental company that considers the environment and energy savings when selecting the lubricant products.
National Engineering Oil is concentrating in developing a variety of lubricants needed in all industrial fields, and it has the products of lubricants for approximately 1,000 types.

With such efforts, we strive to secure the R&D capability and the ensuing outcome that is the best in the world. National Engineering Oil will actively resolve the problems by seeking the demand of individual customers and provide the highest quality.
We wish to remind you that we are right next to you and our customers will have much more in return for you at all times.